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Presented by Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity
and Bicycle Indiana.

Who should attend?
• Planners, Engineers and Landscape Architects
• Elected officials
• Local government employees
• Engineering, planning and design students
• Consultants
• Area business leaders
•Continuing education credits will be available for Certified Planners, Professional Engineers, Landscape Architects and Parks and Recreation Proffessionals.

The 2013 Schedule will be announced soon. Check back often!

Where: The seminars will be conducted in communities throughout Indiana

What will you gain from attending this seminar?

This half-day seminar will provide you the knowledge and skills needed to plan for bicycling as a means of active transportation (the transport of person(s) or goods using human powered muscle such as by walking or biking)and recreation in your community. Bicycle-friendly communities provide health, environmental, and economic benefits to the residents of your community. Topics of discussion will include:

1. Welcome 6. Non-infrastructure programs
2. Bicycling and public health 7. Implementation
3. Bike safety lesson 8. Q&A Session
4. Bikeway network 9. Luncheon with bicycle-friendly business presentation
5. Bike Facility Design 10. Bike Suitability Mapping Exercise

Indiana communities continue to have a need for information on how to provide bicycle facilities
that can offer residents a range of active transportation and physical activity choices. These bicycle-
friendly community seminars will meet that need. The ISDH Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity
is partnering with Bicycle Indiana (BI) to provide professional bicycle education to assist Indiana
communities in their efforts to promote physical activity through bicycling. For more information
contact info@bicycleindiana.org