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Drivers Education Bonus Program

For Educators

Many Indiana drivers, and even some bicyclists, aren't aware of how to share the road. Because of this, Bicycle Indiana has developed a bonus program for students enrolled in an Indiana Driver's Education Program, public private.

Our goal is to teach new motor vehicle drivers about sharing the road and make the roads safer for everyone. By law in Indiana, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles, and the majority of Indiana's licensed drivers are not aware that of this.

If your instructor showed the Share the Road video in class and you'd like to proceed directly to the quiz, click here: Share The Road Quiz

The video is available below, if you'd like to watch the video before taking the quiz.

All students who pass their driver's ed class and score 80% or better on the quiz will be included in a monthly drawing for a $50 Speedway Gas Card.

Proof of student passing/participating in class is required to be eligible for entry into monthly drawing.

This program is made possible by funding from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Sevenish Law, and Bicycle Indiana.

Bicycle Indiana is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote safe bicycling; educate bicyclists, motorists, and policy-makers; and advocate for laws, policies, and infrastructure to increase bicycling in Indiana.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the information, call 317.466.9701 or email info@bicycleindiana.org.