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Take Action

The only way bicycling will continue to flourish in Indiana is the continued dedication of bicyclists just like you. Bicycle Indiana encourages all bicyclists to:

Ride Your Bike- A great way to help Bicycle Indiana create a bicycle-friendly Indiana is to ride your bike. If you have children, teach them to ride and encourage them to ride to school. In the end, all the difference is made by people like you, riding throughout Indiana.

Encourage Friends & Family-  The next time you decide to take your bike out for a ride give one of your friends or family members a chance to ride with you.

Encourage Businesses & Employers- Employers encouraging employees to bicycle to work is one of the best ways to get people on their bikes. There are a variety of ideas, from building bike parking to offering access to a shower.

Speak to Elected Officials- While Bicycle Indiana is working to make a difference in state jurisdictions for bicycling, it is vital that our members get involved as well.

Share the Road- The best way to educate motorists on bicyclists' rights to the road is to ride respectfully and have facts on your side.

Join Bicycle Indiana Join other bicyclists and supporters in creating a bicycle friendly Indiana.

If you would like to get involved with Advocacy efforts, please contact Bicycle Indiana at 317.466.9701 or via email at info@bicycleindiana.org